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Montana Bear hunting

I am going to be spring bear hunting in Northwest Montana this spring.  I hunted there last spring but it seemed to be a wierd spring out there is what i was told as they had snow late.  I am just looking to harvest my first bear and I am not hunting for a trophy by any means.  I am wondering where the best place to go in montana would be.  It appears unit 106 kills the most.  I hunted north of Missoula last year and saw one but never got a shot.  Any and all information is appreciated.  I hunted just looking and watching open sides of the mountain.  Not sure if this is the best way to hunt them or not.  Thanks for the help.

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look into the areas around

look into the areas around troy and libby montana.

the cabinents and the yaak area seem to hold good populations of bears.  Even grizzlies.

also some expierenced bear hunters told me to look for grassy slopes in the spring.  not neccesarily clear cuts but grass areas.  i guess the bears like grass in the spring to help get the digestive system going.


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The snow could still come

The snow could still come late.  I suggest not going the first half o fthe season.  Wait to give the roads a chance to dry up, and the grass to grow.  Plan on glassing open areas and covering a lot of ground.  With no baiting in Montana, it makes it a challenge.   The bears are there so don't give up if your not seeing them.  Good luck.

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Back in the mid 80's I worked

Back in the mid 80's I worked on a ranch for 2 summers north of Missoula just outside of Charlo.

Back then it was common to see a bear at least every couple of days. But that was a long time ago and Thing's could be very different now.

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