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Montana Antelope Hunting Outlook Good

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Montana Antelope Hunting Outlook Good

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Montana Antelope Hunting Outlook Good

Cry The FWP is way more optimistic than I am.
It's OK but I think they put out to many tags.


Our antelope trip was muddy and quite difficult. Lots of hunters using a limited area ( same old ). We did manage to get 5 two does and three bucks. Nothing big this year, but good hunts. The boy and his wife got there two does early , the bucks were not so easy.
She scored first with what turned out to be the easiest and closest. Her buck was standing in with a bunch of cows and at an honest 350 yards. When the cows moved out of the shot she took it and one down. After the work of that one we found some more at 390-405 yards, The Boy took his buck he was shooting his new 243 single shot . I was looking for one a bit closer, we found three dead ones that were very nice, We think they died from blue tongue. At 4:30 we found some in a place we could shoot if we got to them quickly be for the wandered off the public land, off we went it was a long hunt and a lot of crawling but be for you know it we were with in 500 or 600 yards and no more cover just hardpan and bentonite flats. We waited there for a long time trying to range them but neither range finder would hook up, it turned out we were to far for them to work. I tried three shots and the wouldn't even look up from eating. A last try thing I put the scope down to 5 power the lined him up with the center post of the crosshairs and in the very bottom of the scope and tried again. It took so long for the bullet to get out to him we were afraid he would walk away but he stayed still. It stood on its hind legs turned some and fell COOL! we were finished. All tuff but good "HUNTS". Think

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Good predictions

Well, I would have to say that the FWP was correct in their assumptions as my hunting buddy and I witnessed extremely large numbers of antelope including some very nice bucks. As stated above, our hunt was extremely muddy as well, but it was nice to have some much needed moisture on the ground, especially this time of year. We put a stalk on a group of 4 bucks at shooting light and I was able to harvest a nice 2 year old with 13 inch horns. Then after we took care of my buck, we spotted a large herd and started the sneek on them. We got to within about 400 yards, and some shots spooked them, but that didn't stop us. We ran hard to try to head off the herd, and ended up being just a little too slow. Who would have thought that running would get you no where on flat ground? Only to our surprise, a lone buck was trailing up the herd, he was nice and my friend took him at about 250 yards. His buck was a 3 year old with 13 inch horns as well. It was quite a drag to get him back to the truck, but it was a great feeling to have both our speed goats in the back of the truck at 12:30 of opening day. Best of luck to all out there this season! Big game is Sunday, and man am I anxious!

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