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Monster NM Pronghorn

Hi all, sorry for the delay on this one. But here it is as promised!! This is a picture of my buddies monster NM pronghorn taken on the first day of his very first hunt. How big is it?? Some are saying it may go top 100 all time B&C. Will let you know when it is officially scored.

Brandon Buck4.GIF
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Monster NM Pronghorn

That is a beauty! Congrats to your buddy. Thumbs up

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Monster NM Pronghorn

Wow! What a true monster. Thumbs up That buck is huge......Thanks for posting.

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Monster NM Pronghorn

That is very awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for showing him off. Can't wait for next year.

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Monster NM Pronghorn


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Monster NM Pronghorn

Holy Crap! That is huge, what a trophy.

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Monster NM Pronghorn

man what a speed goat!!!...i shot my first this year too and it was an awesome trophy but that is crazy huge...AWESOME GOAT! CONGRATS

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Monster NM Pronghorn

Very Impressive!!

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Monster NM Pronghorn

Great goat any man or woman would be proud of. Who cares about the score, it's a MOSTER LOPE!

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