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Moisture In scope

I'm sure someone has asked this but nothing came up on the search;

I borrowed a friends new to him rifle with a nice 3-9 leupold scope. The day before I used it, It absolutely poured. He managed to shoot a buck after hardly anytime of being in the woods. the next day I used it, and it was a real nice day, after sitting in the woods for 30 mins, I looked down the scope and couldn't see a thing. The inside was completely covered in condesation. It will go away if I warm up the scope with my hand but, still makes it real difficult to hunt.

any suggestions?

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Moisture In scope

Contact Leupold customer service at http://www.leupold.com/corporate/contact-us/service-support/ and they'll tell you how to ship it to them for repair.

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Moisture In scope

First of all, I'm surprised. I know a guy who lost his rifle into a river up here in AK and didn't retrieve it for weeks -- and the Leupold scope was still clear as a bell. Check the warranty -- that's not like Leupold scopes (from my experience anyway), and chances are they'll replace it. If nothing else, from their perspective it's far better for the company to eat the cost of a replacement scope than to lose sales from one hunter telling everyone he knows about the d**ned Leupold scope that fogged up. Scope manufacturers like Leupold rely on their reputations -- and nothing ruins it faster than reports of fogged scopes.

As for a short-term/band-aid fix (i.e. no time to wait), I'd try a couple things. First, if you're willing to remove the scope, you might try putting it in an oven at around 225 overnight to try baking it out. If you're worried about heat damage, a no-oven solution would be to try sealing it in a bag with dessicant. That'll take awhile, but it might help. Cycling the temperature while it's in the bag might help.

The problem is that the moisture's inside, and it's tough to get it out without air exchange. The big fix is to replace the scope -- there's no reason it should have condensation inside it -- there's a bad seal somewhere, and any temp fix will be short lived. It doesn't even have to be raining -- temperature changes can do it as warming and cooling pulls moisture-laden air inside the scope. So any attempt at a temp fix would likely just be a mirage, because it might look great at home, but then fog up on you when you hit the field.

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Moisture In scope

Sounds like a nito leak. They'll fix it for nothing and have it back in no time. If they cant fix it they'll replace it for free. Leupold has the best customer service on the planet.

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Moisture In scope

I agree based on what I've heard from other folks who've used their customer service. I've only owned Leupold scopes and never have had any problem with any of them, so I can't speak of their customer service from a personal standpoint.