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MO deer Hunting

Hi guys, question for everyone. I am considering taking my son to MO to deer hunt. He is just 12 and just starting out. I am looking at different outfitters. How are your deer out there? I want to give him the chance to shoot a decent buck, don't need a monster. When I was 12 almost any buck would be a trophy to me, lol. Is there a part of the state that is known for more deer or better quality than another part? Anyone reccommend a good outfitter? I am doing my own research and looking but any suggestions, comments, advice are welcome.


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MO deer Hunting

Generally speaking, your bigger deer are found in the northern half of the state. Up near Kirksville there is a large public hunting area with plenty of big deer, I'm told.

Myself, I hunt on private property up near the Iowa border. There's some big deer, and with antler restrictions enforced for the last 2 years, there should be more and more mature bucks around.

Good luck and good hunting. Thumbs up

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MO deer Hunting

Never hunted there myself, but I've been told about a good Missouri outfitter. Their information is as follows:

Ozark Mountain Outfitters
PO Box 379
Houston, Missouri 65483
John and Darlene Wilson

I've been told they are a good, quality, family oriented operation. Check out their website and ask for some references.

Most of all, I wish you and your son the best of luck and some quality time together. My son is currently serving our country in the U.S. Navy and I truly miss those times we shared. Cherish your time together.

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MO deer Hunting

There is good deer hunting throughout the state. The best and biggest deer come from the northern half of the state. You don't need an outfitter. There is plenty of public land to hunt. You can find land owned by the conservation departmetn that is open to hunting. Also in the southern half of the state you can hunt the Mark Twain National forest. The deer are less plentiful in the national forest and large bucks are more scarce but there is good hunting nonetheless.

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MO deer Hunting

North Missouri public land during rifle season = Pumpkin Patch

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