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MK in the Rock Pit

OK... it is 11am here in Moscow and it is 84* already - I am really glad that I went early this morning.  I was suppose to go yesterday morning but got delayed then it got hot - really hot... so I decided to wait for this morning.

The goal... last week I ran out and set up some birds to shoot with the Knight 52 cal DISC Extreme.  Shooting the clay pigeons at a 100 is not an awful big challenge with a scope so... i really wanted to go out and repeat the shots with the MK-85.

It is equipped with a Williams FP Peep sight and a Fire Sight Hooded Williams Front Sight.  I really like this combination as the the FP Sight is adjustable with a 1/4 min clicks much like a scope.  I had previously sighted the rifle in with a 6" Point Blank Range - trying to get the greatest distance I could get with the one 6 O'clock hold.  With the 6" PBR, I should never be lower than 3" or higher than 3" to 178 yards and dead on at 148 yards...

I do have to tell you that it did take a couple of shots on the first bird to get it.  I put the bird right on the top of the front sight and missed with shot #1 - shot #2 I held just under the bird and touched it off (and with a MK-85 -> that is about what it is touch it off), anyway no more bird...

The original 6 birds that I put out went away in a hurry and there really were not any chips left that were big enough to take the second shot on so I set out another 6 and continued to shoot.  It really was getting warm in the end, so at the end of the second round I packed it in and heade back to Moscow... with the AC in the truck working.

You can see in the pictures but i was shooting an all brass sabotless concical built by Lehigh Bullets.  Lehigh Dave ventured into these a bit last year but then they kinda got set aside for awhile when he got some Knight contracts that need to be filled.

These 50 cal - 270 grain conicals are a bit tight for the MK bore but once through the crown load great. And as I found out last year they are very accurate. I was shooting 110 grains of T7-3f (thrown on site) and a CCI Mag cap.  I am really looking for an opportunity to pull this down on an elk this season.

Morning Pics...

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