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Mixed Ballot Results for Animal Rights Groups

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Mixed Ballot Results for Animal Rights Groups

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Mixed Ballot Results for Animal Rights Groups

This ought to serve as a warning that Republican control of the White House and Senate doesn't mean a thing -- there's still crackpots out there.

I have a kennel that my dog uses as a dog house. When I travel, she rides in it in the back of the truck. The last time I was going cross country I overheard someone in the parking lot say something to the effect of "poor dog."

AR types seem to always apply human philosophy to animals. Obviously, the folks I mentioned would never believe that my dog loves that kennel, and spends most of her time in it -- with the door open. To her, it represents home and security -- especially when she's in strange territory like when we're on the road. I'll let her out to do her business, and she heads right back to the truck and begs to get back in her kennel.

Same thinking applies to farrowing crates for hogs. I'm convinced that animal rightists generally have, at best, a very superficial understanding of the animals they claim to protect. Then they use that to convince others that don't know a thing about animals that there's a great injustice being done.

All I know is that my dog would probably maul any animal rightist that tried to take her kennel away.

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