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Missouri Mountain Lion Younger than First Thought

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Missouri Mountain Lion Younger than First Thought

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Missouri Mountain Lion Younger than First Thought

As far as Mountain lions in missouri goes I think it's all a bunch of hype. I know if I had to go by the regulations that is set for captive wildlife and had several like some do. I would get rid of them myself. If a grown cat eats 3 deer a week then that's a lot of meat. If I had a pair like most breeders do and couldn't get rid of them by the time they went to eating the full amount, I'm guessing their door gets left open now and then and that's where all these cat sightings are coming from. Oh I heard on the radio about a "mountain lion" in this womans back yard. She called 911 and the sheriffs deputies came and found it in the brush behind the house. After they shot and killed this "mountain lion" they went house to house to find out who's house cat they shot. What a joke! These folks need to get real. With all the coon huting that goes on in this state you'd think they would tree a lion now and then. Isn't that how they manage lions in the western states? A buddy of mine took his Missouri Coon hound and went to Colorado lion hunting. Tree'd a cat right off the bat. It's kinda funny he can't here with lions behind every tree!

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Missouri Mountain Lion Younger than First Thought

There are at least 3000 cats in CO and in some regions on the western slope the density is quite high.

The evidence presented looks pretty strong for a wild cat in MO, although admittedly it is hard to rule out feral cats from breeders.

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