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Minnesota Opener

God is good! Thumbs up

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Re: Minnesota Opener
blackbear wrote:
jfrench, He has had a busy week. Last Sunday his wife (my daughter) went into labor. 40 Mile trip to the hospital was too far. She gave birth with her husbands assistance in the front seat of the pick-up truck 12 miles from the hospital.
After the baby was born their 3-year old (from the back seat) said "Good job Dad!"
Which would you choose, your wife giving birth in your truck or being charged by a sow Black Bear "protecting" her cubs? Think
They are good kids. Good bear guides too. There is a TV crew up here this weekend filming a hunt with them. "Knockout Hunting Adventures." They were on that show last year too. ( Sorry about the bragging, Grandfather stuff ya know)

,,,,,I'LL take on the sow !!! Yes

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Me too......

Blackbear.....I didn't get drawn this year either and there were no secondary licenses available in my zone. I just posted two sets of pictures from my camera that was at my site from last year where a friend hunted this year.......there's always next year, should the Lord tarry.....

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