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Minnesota Deer Hunters

I own 85 acres in Pine County, MN. that is set aside as a private natural area, meaning all plants and most animals and birds on the property are protected. However we have always hunted deer on this property to keep the numbers down. But due to the mild winters we have had an over population of deer that are doing a large amount of damage to this natural area.

For several years we have had people that buy hunting licesnes hunting in the area that thankfully we have run out of the area due to their reckless drunken behavior.

I have not been able to hunt deer this year due to being disabled, so far this year there are no hunters in an area of several hundred acres. I did have bow hunters that were to hunt this year and understood that we do not allow motorized travel on this property. But they complained about the long walk, asked me to build them a road across the wetlands to their stands and never returned. I have offered bow hunters a chance to hunt here every year but it seems in todays world walking is not an option when hunting. I have not found a hunter that understands the value of protecting wetlands.

I know this is a late time to be looking for hunters but every hunter I had lined up for this year has failed to show up to hunt, the issue of walking is a problem. I am looking for a couple of bow hunters to hunt deer the rest of the season, I am even open to muzzle loader. So if you and a friend are looking for a quite spot to hunt I have one.

This property has about 50 acres of wetlands, two ponds some bog and mostly sedge meadow. In the back of the property is an island in the middle of the wetlands that has for many years offered the best deer hunting. This year it is a wet walk so you will need at least knee high boots to keep your feet dry.

I am looking for hunters not people who buy a hunting license and think they are a hunter. A hunter understands that respecting the land is key to hunting in the future. A hunter has an understanding of all animal behavior and uses that to his/her advantage. A hunter leaves very little sign that he/she has ever been there.

If you would like to hunt deer this year send me an email and let me know what kind of hunter you are. Again sorry this is so late in the season but it has been hard to find a hunter, I know 85 acres is not a lot of land but we do have some good deer hunting here. I look forward to hearing from some hunters.

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