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The Mighty Hunter Returned Home Empty Handed.....Sort Of

Once again the mighty hunter (me) has returned to his home abode with no elk skin to hang on the wall or meat for the larder for the winter.

I knew that this year was going to be a tough one since I put in for a area that is known to be a rough hunt unless there is 2' of snow up high and it didn't surprise me. I left the opening weekend for all the nimrods that couldn't get out during the week and set sail on Monday morning. With no snow on the ground I figured that I was on a futile search for the whiley wapiti. I did manage to find a couple of nice bucks but no tag so on I went. Then came the snow, not a lot of it just enough to entice me into thinking that I just might be successful but still doubtful. I did see where a couple of elk had crossed the road in the thick cedars but knew better than even trying to follow since the snow never made it to the ground in the trees.
Thursday found me glassing up onto the private property up the hill when I spotted a small herd of elk sticking their tongs out at me in defiance, I could just hear them talking about me. Then that after noon I spotted two hunters up on the same hill and the more that I looked I could swear that they were cutting up a elk. I had seen their truck earlier in the day but never even thought that there would be a hunter up on the private in this area. On my way out I was stopped by a employee of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife who has a county Sheriff as a passenger headed to the area that the truck was parked at. They just checked me out and asked a lot of questions pertaining to the private property and then left me in a hurry as they headed towards where the truck was parked. I am still wondering if someone had reported the two hunters and that is why the long arm of the law was headed that way. I'll have to use my connections in a few days and see just what was going on.
Well, back to my story. Friday and Saturday found me still watching some elk up on the private property so I headed up a hill that a friend of mine and me call the "Death Hill" The road up it was steep and slick and for the first time I wished that my 4 wheeler had a set of chains for it but I got to the top of the hill. The private property was only about 200 yards to the south of me but I started to hike that way. Just as I came out of a group of trees where I could see the fence I also saw about 20 elk jumping the fence in front of me, I was too late. For some reason they ran a little ways into a clearing and turned around and stuck their tongs out at me and gave me the raspberry, or at least I think that is what they did. So back to my wheeler and down the slickest road that I have been on for a while, to my truck and home.

Now for the sort of part of the story. This morning it was so nice that I grabbed my fishing pole, called a friend and headed to the pond for a fish dinner, not as good as elk tenderloins but it will do

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Well still better to be out

Well still better to be out and get nothing than sitting at home wishing you where hunting. Will be interesting to find out the deal with those other hunters and the law.

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Sounds rough !


Sounds like it was a tough hunt, but I am right there with when it comes to the elk tag soup this year. Blink


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Still an experience though,

Still an experience though, no matter how you cut it.  Good on you for giving it a go!

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That really sounds rough! At

That really sounds rough! At least you were out there chasing elk and not at work.

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Still beats a good day at work.

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Thanks for sharing that story. It helps the rest of us in teh same boat to stand it!

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always love your stories Jim.

always love your stories Jim. It was also great to meet you last month. I really enjoyed visiting with you

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It is always nice to meet up

It is always nice to meet up with someone that you have conversed on the net with either here on the forum or by emails.  I did end up with two grouse after I saw you and that was a nice meal that night and the next.  I actually got them before I even hit the powerline after I left you. 

On a side note, the two hunters that were butchering the elk on the private property were both ticketed with trespassing and one for the illeagle harvest of a elk since he did not have permission to hunt on the property.  One rifle was confinscated but the other hunter was able to keep his.  They hadn't gotten any meat back to the truck yet or that too may of been confinscated also.

Remember you can't get away from the law when you are on a bare sidehill wearing a lot of orange clothing. 

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Good story as always! I still

Good story as always! I still have one cow tag left myself but unless the snow comes and pushes them into my little 35 acres I probably won't be filling mine either. Still have about 7 weeks left though.

Thanks for the update on the trespassers, I was wondering how that turned out.

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I too always love reading your no nonsense quality hunting info advice. You ever make it out to to the east side of the Rockies lemme know we'll hunt elk in the canyon or coyotes on the plains or both!

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