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Might Work

Been working on a rifle that I can shoot:

I belive that I have a rifle that will shoot, as long as I do my part.

Went with a Savage .308 thne went from there, new stock (Skim bedding), making sure everthing is fitting right and tight.

This is NOT a bench queen, it is heavy but my fat ass has hauled around a lot of heavy guns for many years, so another one does not matter.


100yd group.jpg
100yd group.jpg8.65 KB
200 yd group 1.jpg
200 yd group 1.jpg11.92 KB
Rifle 4.jpg
Rifle 4.jpg19.02 KB
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Very nice rifle.  And, if

Very nice rifle.  And, if you're shooting groups like that at 200 yards, I would say it's working just fine. Wink


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What is

A normal group at 200yds. That is a super group!

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Great looking rifle and great

Great looking rifle and great shooting. It's always fun when you build something up yourself and everything works out. I have my hunting rifle just the way I want it now but it took replacing nearly everything to get there. And it still won't shoot like yours will!!

Once things get to where you like them it makes a big difference in your confidence in your rifle and how you hunt with it. The extra weight isn't as bad when you know what you can do when you need it.

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