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don't you guys hunt all day?

don't you guys hunt all day?

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"I keep a detailed log book

"I keep a detailed log book of Deer sightings and Deer killed over the past 30 years that I have tree stand hunted. Looking thru it I have Killed 42 Bucks with 17 of those killed between 10 AM and 2 PM. Of the 17, 11 were Killed between 10:30 and 12 noon. None were killed out of stand locations that were hunted more than 2 times with 3 of those killed in the 1st sitting.
5 of the 11 killed before noon were killed the opening weekend with none killed after noon on opening weekend. The remainder were killed during the peak rut, which is about mid Jan, but none were over scrapes. All were killed on bright and sunny days with steady winds.

My mid day stands are places that I have seen bucks during the mid day in the past or close to bedding areas that are usually small swamps (called "heads" here) that are located in the middle of timber company chops. These heads are usually 2-3 acres with some only being about the size of a large house.

None of the 42 were killed in my truck, camp, or at home so hunt when you can and hunt all day unless, as Whelland said, it is lightning !!"


Great Post.  That is what I find here in NW Florida.  I dont see near as many deer in the midday, but the deer I usually see are quality deer.  And like many have said before, how many deer have you killed at camp? Sitting all day is tough.  So if you can sit all day, take a 15-30 minute break.  I picked up a poker game on my phone that helps pass the time. 



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