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Michigan man killed by grizzly in Yellowstone

Here we go again...... I do not believe how often this is happening.

BILLINGS, Mont. (AP) — A grizzly bear killed a Michigan man whose body was found by hikers last week in Yellowstone National Park, officials said Monday.

The victim was identified Monday as John Wallace of Chassell, Mich.

Wallace's body was discovered along a trail about five miles from the nearest trailhead. Results of an autopsy concluded that he died as a result of traumatic injuries from a bear attack.

It is the second time a visitor to the park has been killed by a bear this year.

Authorities say Wallace likely died Wednesday or Thursday.

He was traveling alone and had pitched a tent in a campground on Wednesday, park officials said. Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk has previously said that the hiker was found with a snack bar in his closed backpack, but that it appears the grizzly did not try to get at the food.

"We know of no witnesses to the event at all," Wenk said on Monday. "As far as we know he was in good health and out enjoying the park."

Two trails and a section of the Hayden Valley west of Yellowstone's Grand Loop Road have been closed to hikers. Park officials asked hikers elsewhere in the park to stay on the trails, to hike in groups of three or more and carry bear spray.

Wallace's death comes after a female bear attacked and killed a 57-year-old California man in July on the popular Wapiti Lake Trail, several miles away from where the Michigan man was discovered Friday.

The female bear was not killed because officials said the sow was only defending its cubs and had not threatened humans before.

Rangers found grizzly tracks and scat, or bear droppings, near Wallace's body.

The Mary Mountain Trail is closed from March to June because park managers list it as "high-density grizzly bear habitat."

Park employees have been searching for the bear around the Mary Mountain Trail northeast of Old Faithful. That's the area where hikers discovered Wallace's body on Friday.

Traps have been set to try to capture the bear. Wenk said it would be killed if it can be linked to Wallace's death through DNA analysis.

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It will be all speculation on

It will be all speculation on my part but when are these camper/hikers going to learn how to survive in grizzly country?  It's a lot like the nut that was killed and ate a couple of years ago while his video camera recorded all of it.  He thought that as long as he didn't pose a threat then he was OK being within a few feet of one.  Perhaps if the authorities would release the video and make it mandatory for all those that want to hike and camp in bear country watch it.  It is also too bad that a bear will quite possibly be put down because of this campers short comings.  You have to feel sorry for the mans family but he should of known the risk that he was taking.   

So until all the facts come out which possibly will never happen those are my feelings. 

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As long as we venture out

As long as we venture out into their woods, and in years where there may be a drought or lack of other food, this will keep happening.  As Critter eluded too, you have to look at how the act while in bear country.


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All this is true, but the

All this is true, but the facts are that within the last 18 months, 3 people have lost their lives to bear attacks in Montana. Before that, not a one since 2000. Perhaps it's time we look at management and how we deal with trouble bears. Believe me, I'm not lost on the fact that we humans are "invading" their habitat, but do not try to explain to me who is supposed to be in charge here. No, it's not tree-hugging wanna-do-goddies who have never been 200 yards from a road in their lives..... 

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I'm not sure of every

I'm not sure of every situation of course but many of these seem to happen for different reasons. Many or most of them could have been easily avoided but there are clearly others where there is no easily seen cause. You can hide your food and prepare as much as you want but we are covered with food smells just from every day life and if a bear is that agressive and unafraid you can still have a problem no matter how much you prepare to avoid them.

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