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Michigan is Losing Hunters

According to the Michigan United Conservation Clubs (MUCC) Legislative Affairs Manager, Dave Nyberg, Michigan is only replacing 26 of every 100 hunters that leave the field. He believes that the minimum age is the barrier.

MUCC is working on the introduction of a bill that would allow licensed hunters over 21 years old to mentor young hunters under the age of 10.

Currently Michigan only offers a few "Junior" hunting licences to those who are 10, the rest are restricted to those 12 and older. What is the minimum age for hunting in your state?


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In Colorado the minimum age

In Colorado the minimum age is 12 for big game and I'm pretty sure but not positive that the states around us are similar. I'm not sure what the real reason might be but I don't really think the starting age is responsible. If I remember corectly a lot of states used to be 14 and have already lowered it to 12 or even less.

I think it's more just a loss of traditions and urbanization taking over than anything else. I know that has had a big impact on my extended family over the last 30 years. It's also possible that the current economy is keeping more people out of the woods or spending the money to get more family members involved.

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MI hunting

I live in SW MI, and i think a lot of is, it is hard to find a place to hunt in my area, unless you own property, or want to spend the money to lease the hunting rights on a farm. i leased 80 acres for about 7 years, just to have a place to hunt, how i just go out west every year for 2 weeks to hunt Elk.



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I would agree that access to

I would agree that access to decent private property is the biggest thing that is affecting hunter numbers along with the fat that kids have a lot more to do now than in the past and unless they have a parent that is actively involved in the sport they probably won't pick it up.  There is also the problem of a lot of schools portraying hunting and shooting in a poor light.

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Interesting. I posted a link

Interesting. I posted a link to some date a few days ago that showed an overall 3.6% increase in hunting license sales between 2008-2009.

I wonder why Michigan, traditionally one of the largest hunting states, would be losing hunters?


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The two biggest reasons would

The two biggest reasons would probably be loss of hunting land because of many properties being leased and the public land not being very good, as well as the fact that our economy tanked a few years ago a lot worse than everywhere else and a lot of people either left the state when they lost their jobs or the ones that are still here can't afford to.  Also, a lot of guys that aren't really into hunting other than for deer a few days a year can't bait any more and just flat quit hunting.  I just watched a 2 hour meeting of the DNR Commission meeting in Lansing that was live streamed out over the net this morning by the MUCC that jaybe mentioned in his post.  It was set up for the public and anyone else interested to speak on the possibilty of dropping the deer baiting/feeding ban.  I could almost tell by the shape of the people who went up to the microphone how each was going to respond and I wasn't too far off.  A bunch that spoke for dropping it were guys that were dressed sloppily and were overweight/out of shape (slobs, plain and simple) and just "had" to use bait in order to keep hunting.  Guys that were dressed better and looked to be in good shape invariably spoke to keep the ban and for people to get out and scout, etc., instead of just going out to shoot something.

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