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Mexico Whitetails? What sub-species?

A couple years ago I wet to centeral mexico (Nayarit) with some employees of mine that are migerant workers. They invited me to come home with them over the winter to do some hunting and vacationing (rural mexico style).

It was a great time. I was able to harvest multiple whitetail, Javelina, Chilachaca (big bird), bobcat and coitti.

The whitetail down there were very small...a large buck was maybe 100 lbs on the hoof..maybe. A doe more like 60 lbs. I was wondering what sub-species of whitetail they are? Everyone wants to tell me they were Couse deer, and maybe they were but I don't think so. People don't realize how far down in mexico I was, and it was more of a semi-dry rain forest than typical Couse deer scrub. Also the antlers were not a compact as Couse deer I have seen elsewhere and the body size was far smaller than Couse deer in Arizona. They were perfect miniature whitetails like I have here in WA.

I read in Jack O'Conner's book about what he caller "Sinaloan Whitetail" in mexico and Sinaloa is the next state over so I figure that must be them.

Just curious if anyone could lay this question to rest for me? Thanks

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This is a great site that I

This is a great site that I found when researching this a couple of years ago.


I think there are mainly coues deer stretching down from Arizona, and you have standard Texas based whitetails spreading down from there.

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