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Mexico Turkeys?

Anyone ever hunt turkeys south of the border? I'm always trying to tie a hunt into a vacation that my wife might tolerate and thought i might try a Yucatan peninsula hunt. any thoughts?

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Mexico Turkeys?

I have not personally hunted turkeys in the Yucatan, but a few of our agents have and we have sent clients to hunt there. The Ocellated turkey present there is a very unique trophy and hunting experience. Our outfitter is located in the southern region of Campeche, which is part of one of the largest jungle areas in the world. The area is a mixture of high, medium and low tropical jungles, whose biodiversity hosts a great number of animal species, ranging from felines such as the jaguar and puma, to animals as exotic and rare as the anteater, tapir, howling monkeys, and squirrel monkeys, with crocodiles and ‘gators as well. There are over 400 species of birds, a number superior to that found in the US and Canada combined.

The Ocellated turkey is the only subspecies of its species of turkey, which is different from the species of turkey that includes our North American birds. So to take one, combined with the 5 subspecies in North America and northern Mexico (Goulds), gives you the world turkey slam, a truly unique accomplisment.

The hunt is primitive. Lodging is in grass hunts in the jungle, but they are comfortable with queen sized beds. The outfitter's business is built around sustainable ecotourism that employs local staff, which encourages the society to protect this natural resource. Hunting for many other species is also available with the outfitter.

This would make a great trip for you, a step back into a primitive world for a unique trophy, but still close to the beaufitful beaches and resorts of the Yucatan, as others have combined the two with a few days at each. If you would like to discuss this opportunity more, just give me a call or shoot me an email. Take care.

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Mexico Turkeys?

That is a cool looking bird.

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