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Met with some other hunters this evening...


And not just "any" hunters… hunters I knew from years ago.  Good friends.  All of us have enough 'dirt' on each other to possibly warrant a life sentence.  But the 'code' is sacrosanct… I never for an instant worry about that, nor do they.


We spoke of specific hunts, some of them 40 years distant, but each like they were yesterdays news.  I'm not sure why, but then again, I probably do, the 'stories' never get old.  Not ever.  


If anything, they get 'better'.  Embellished, to be sure, but not as much as you would think.  No need.  The tales and legends stand firmly against the cold reason of time… sometimes, I believe, the stories are not embellished as much as they are diminished.  


I am particularly fond of the "my Dad did this"  stories… or perhaps "my uncle".  For in my mind, and I think in fact, they lived an era that I can only dream of… yet feel as a sacred duty to pass on to my kids, and grandkids.  The wonder of the world they lived in is a thing of the past, never to return, but the heartbeat of who they were still beats… as long as I tell the stories… and if I'm any kind of granddad at all then my grandkids will tell to their kids.


Very importantly, I think, is that with my old friends this evening there was no gloom of loss, or depression, though such emotion would be fully warranted today.  Instead, there was pride, and satisfaction that we had carried the torch our father's had lit.


None of us doubted that… or even considered it… I thought it only this evening when penning this post.  


It's very easy these days to think our world is gone… that is, the world of the 'hunter'.  It is not… and I often see the 'life' of it still beating at gun shows, outdoor shows, and various other events that take place around the country, and world… but not quite as significant there, to me anyway, as when I am among those whom I lived with as  fellow 'hunters'; and shared my stories with, and theirs.  


Kudo's to the younger generation for being so knowledgable about weapons, and ammunition… I don't think my generation can claim the same, but we weren't 'bad'.  And praise to the younger generation who see hunting as more than an 'app'.. or a formula quantified in numbers… who still trod in mud, new mud-repellent footwear or not - hi-tech camo or not - night vision goggles NOT -- or believe the worth of their hunt is NOT dictated by any type of 'gear' they may possess. There are many of you… I offer my thanks - that my grandkids, when they come of age,  will find friends who 'get it'.. - JamesJM

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Hunting Buddies

There is little I enjoy as much as spending time with hunters, either talking hunting or actually hunting. I have just returned from a hog hunt in Georgia and the fellas present rarely see each other, except when together on a hunt. When we meet up at camp (coming from 3 different directions this year) with some trips being nearly 20 hours of driving altogether, it seems like it was just the day before when we last shared a drink and a meal.

To be welcomed into any hunting group is a special thing for any hunter, as it's things like  sharing hunting stories and actual hunts, that makes those other hunters such special Buds!.

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Seeing Through the Technology

My biggest fear is that we as hunters will become so wrapped up in the technological aspects of the resources available to hunters that we forget what we are out there for in the first place.  There's another thread on another section trying to figure out what apps would be best for cell phones while hunting.  My first thought is to use the "off" button as an app.

I'm not saying that we should revert back to fire hardened sticks and flint blades and I'm not going to give up my scoped '06, range finder or atv but I still realize and cherish the fact that I'm hunting, not killing.

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I think you bring up a good point...

When discussing with a friend how to 'best' hunt with my grandson's on their first hunting trip I mentioned that I knew 'silence' would not be easy.  He told me to bring along a DS with headphones for them.   Big smile  Well, yeah, that would probably work... but it defeats the purpose I'm trying to accomplish... teaching them the sights, sounds, smells, and 'attitude' it takes to be a good hunter.

I confess to being a 'gadget freak' myself... not a 'gamer'... but I have my toys.. iPhone, iPad... scoped rifle, range finder, ATV... but I don't have my iPhone or iPad while hunting.  

There is a HUGE industry built around hunting gadgetry so the powers that be are doubtful to be 'purists' in that regard.  Big smile  But I think you ask a good question, the answer will undoubtedly vary... when DO gadgets begin to interfere with hunting? 

Now I'm NOT saying this from a lofty perch... I'm not criticizing those who see it differently, that is, but I do recoil at anything that makes 'long range shooting', and getting longer and longer by the day, more feasible.  For me that takes away the 'HUNT part of HUNTING'... but that's me.  - JamesJM

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