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MERRY CHRISTMAS.....Southern style !!!

 Heres wishin all of yall a very MERRY CHRISTMAS !!

 Hope yall have a better New Year than what yall had this year and the Huntin and fishin is grandtastic !!

PS: The Reds and Specks are really turning on now. Find em at the mouth of the creeks and bayous during mid-day and way back up the bayous in during early morning and late, late evening.


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Right back at ya'! Hope the

Right back at ya'! Hope the new year is indeed better than this past year! Thumbs up

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Not too hard to have a better

Not too hard to have a better year than this past, in terms of hunting and fishing.  As long as I don't get hurt, it's hard to do worse.... lol


Hope you all have a great New year too!