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The melancholy of my last bear meal. Pictures.

With more than a little sadness, I finished the last of my bear. A bowl of red chili. Simple, but powerful like the bear when he lived. There is a final goodbye with your concluding bite of a well earned game animal. Its the last moment of an active relationship, that now fades into passive memories and longing glances at the trophy on the wall.

If you'd like to read the story of the hunt and see more pictures, check it out here


Do you feel a sadness with the final meal from an animal you have taken? Or am I just being sappy?

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I really don't feel any

I really don't feel any sadness just eagerness to get out there and get some more when I start to see the bottom section of my freezer.

I am just about out of elk meat so I may need to get ambitious and shoot one this year and not give so much of it away.

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Same here

I have to say the same here about not being sad about the last of the meat from a successful hunt but rather eager to fill the freezer with the next God-given successful harvest.  Plus you have the hide/fur/antlers, etc... to keep that hunting memory alive.  Good luck on your next hunt and may you next shot be straight and true!  Thumbs up


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Yea my wife said I was being

Yea my wife said I was being sappy...

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