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Media Corruption

Here's an interesting one...Angelina Jolie reportedly negotiating with the press to require positive coverage for access. You know -- you'll sell a lot of magazines if I'm on the cover, so if you want that you'll have to make sure I'm covered in a positive manner if I'm going to give you access.

The media outlet in question? Time, Inc -- outlet for People magazine. Of course, it also includes Time magazine and CNN.

Wow. Jolie's small potatoes compared to Obama. You don't suppose a struggling mainstream media would assess the political field and throw its weight behind the presidential candidate most likely to sell magazines and news, do you? Think

It used to be that celebrities needed the press. Now the press needs the inner access to get them the scoop they need to sell their product. To get that they need to cut a deal...make sure the attention is fawning or you're off the plane.