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Mechanical Broadheads

Are rage 100grain 2 blade broadheads any good for elk? I have a set of them that I was planningon using this archery season. From what I have been reading there are mixed opinions and reviews.

Anyone actually use them on elk? Good or bad results?

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While it be on TV I have seen

While it be on TV I have seen many elk get shot with one and they do not go very far, but as with anything you must make a good shot.  I think the thing with mechanical broadheads on elk you just do not want to hit a heavy bone(ie shoulder), but I think if you were to hit a rib you would still be fine.  I have used the Rages but not on an elk, I used the three blade on an antelope and it was totoally devastating, so I think with a good hit it should work just fine.  I would just make sure your o rings are good so it does not depoly to early.

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