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Nut job...Huh...I think it's

Nut job...Huh...I think it's all in who's do'n the hunt'n...Me,sure i like the MEAT but i also like that HEAD MOUNT on my wall. And it's meat was just as good as one without horn's. Here in Fla we can take doe's durin bow season and one week the second week of gen gun. Trust me i do try an take out a few doe's,bow season i've had no luck with either YET. Uh O my bow team mite not wanna hear that, Ha!,but this just mite be my year...Wish Fla had it where we could take out 3 to 5 doe durin the Whole season...Course durin the Rut i would let'em walk,i've got 2 Nut Job's on wall that follow'd a Hot doe in...Ha!...Hello

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Here is my theory!

There is always meat under a rack and you can’t hang a steak on the wall!

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There are multiple hunters in

There are multiple hunters in my family. Here in Ohio we can shoot 1 buck and 5 doe. I always shoot my share of doe. However, I will not shoot a buck just to say I shot a buck. I used to be that way. But, now if I'm going to shoot a buck, it's going to have a nice rack on it. So with that said, I guess if it's a buck I guess I'm going for the rack. I haven't had to eat beef in my house in over 10 years.

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