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Meat or racks

i'll have to agree with that for sure

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Meat or racks

Both. We can only take one buck here, might as well make it a decent one. Can shoot 3 does. So there is the meat.

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Meat or racks

depends on what day of the hunt it is and where you are hunting.in your home state or out of state

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Meat or racks

i always go for the meat before the rack i think the rack is just a bonus i take my two does first then my buck or a thierd doe

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Meat or racks

I usually try to shoot a nice doe first and then hunt for a buck but as it gets closer to gun season I am not as picky and I will fill my buck tag with a doe.

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Meat or racks

I like to wait for a buck on opening day, but if a big fat doe comes by....she may be the first deer on the meat pole in camp 8) . I shot my trophy when I was 16..my first buck was a 10 point, and the best part was seeing the pride on my fathers face when I came dragging it into camp...I was the only one in camp under 30. it hangs on the wall in my dining room with my back tag framed under it. I have been and always will be a meat hunter.

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Meat or racks

Hi guys it has been awhile since my last post. Has been a good year guideing been busy.

If it is brown it is down. You can't eat horns. So I would say I hunt for meat .

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meat or racks

I love all kinds of deer meat. We make summersausage, brotwurst, slim jims, jerky., and we can some for quick meals. You can't eat buck racks but their nice to have once in a while. Hunting and butchering my own since 1962.

By the way, did you know that opening day of deer season whereever you live


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Meat or racks
mnarcher wrote:
I usually try to shoot a nice doe first and then hunt for a buck but as it gets closer to gun season I am not as picky and I will fill my buck tag with a doe.

mnarcher, I love that approach. I'm the same way. I hunt horns all year, and if I can't find nothing I shoot a doe for the meat. Let the bucks get bigger instead of shooting a smaller one. I've passed up some nice 4x4's this year bowhunting that people would've shot with their gun tag. I'll wait for the wall mount. Doe taste better anyways!! lol

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Once upon a time I thought shooting a large buck with my bow meant I was a great hunter and I had proven my hunting ability and stealthyness.

However, Trying to fool a mature doe who has spent her fair share of time evading predators and hunters in the field, has proven to be the biggest challenge when it comes time to full draw.

I am a meat hunter first, and trophy hunter never. Will I shoot a great big beast with large antlers? Yes, I will, when the opportunity presents itself Thumbs up . Every animal I have killed has been a trophy of my passion and I am thankful to be able to feed my family with them. Sorry to sound self righteous, but I have seen and known to many nut jobs who's whole emphasis on hunting has been for the head and not the animal.

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