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Maybe There's Something To Polls After All


There are just so many ways to go with this, but I like:

America has chosen Fox News by a landslide in every age demographic -- more than double its nearest competitor. In fact, more people watch Fox than CNN, MSNBC, and CNBC combined. So you might as well accept it and stop criticizing.

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Maybe There's Something To Polls After All

I liked looking at the #s as I like to pay attention to media, though I watch all my TV via youtube clips, so I never see a full show or anything close.

I'm wondering what others watch and how often, I'd make assumptions from posts that some watch O'riely daily as I often read one of his hot button issues in transcripts and then here.

I scrolled down to the links to other days (bear in mind this is a one day snapshot). On weekends viewership drops dramatically.

Also I'm not familiar with all of the shows but the ones I did recognise I'd characterise as news/tainment, not regular news. Ed Shultz / Bill O being prime examples. Ed drew 25% of the viewers as Bill after 2 weeks, not bad for a sportscaster from N dakota.

For me though the two most interesting bits... most viewers even of liberal shows,,, are old. I wish they'd had a total breakdown by age. Also total viewers are tiny, maybe 4 million for all during a day. Which is reasuring, I'd hate to think that people watch these shows except for entertainment. I'm not familiar with many of the names of the shows but I don't think any of them are really considered news in the regular sense of the word.

Striking by it's omision was this,


One and a half million watch as their form or info/tainment, and I'd say the newsyness quotient is at par. Again the demographics aren't broken down enoiugh for me, but in the 18 to 49 bunch a lot of the news is being watched as satire.

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