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Maybe Darwin Was Wrong?!

After reading about pelosium I got to thinking that maybe Darwin might have missed something while sitting on that island. If Darwinism is in part defined as survival of the fittest, what's to explain Pelosi, Reid, Dodd, Franks, Waters and the rest of those mental giants that are rapidly destroying the most successful form of government since the cave man (Oops! Almost forgot to add King Husein)?

In a twisted way these dodo birds kinda work toward supporting creationism over evolution. Surely, devolping characteristics to cope with and overcome ever changing environmental conditions couldn't have lead Lucy and the CroMagnon boys to develop into these bunch of dolts. Then again I can't believe that a random joining of elements and electrons could have conspired to develop into these hickups in the evolution of Man.

Guess I'll have to trust that God knows what he's doing & hope He changes things pretty soon. 

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.... Lucy and the CroMagnon

.... Lucy and the CroMagnon boys to develop into these bunch of dolts.

I think their decentents are the voters who keep putting  Joker back in congress. What?


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They're like the arms on a

They're like the arms on a Tyrannosaur.  They're utterly useless and appear to have no purpose whatsoever.  People look at them and wonder what possible purpose they could serve, other than to embarrass an otherwise noble creature.  And personally, I don't know how Darwin could explain how selection would favor tiny arms on such a powerful predator, either.

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Nah, Darwin wasn't wrong,

Nah, Darwin wasn't wrong, just that politics has little to do with survival of the fittest.

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That's very true. Thumbs up

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Darwin wasnt wrong

Darwin wasn’t wrong but as with everything in the human and all the lawyers there are, one of them found a loophole in Darwin’s plan and these Idiots slipped through.  On the other hand it does give people hope, when they look at these people in power they think “hey, if they gave that idiot that much power and responsibility then there is still hope for me”  …. But with everything we have today we still don’t have one of the most important ability’s in life that we have in the digital world… the undo button.  

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