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May on the AuGres River

This is a picture of the walleye my wife caught on the AuGres River. Trolling a night crawler harness just about 100 yards from the DNR boat launch.

26 inches and 7 pounds. Our largest walleye to date.

Can't wait to get after them again!


Cy's AuGres Walleye2.jpg
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I used to love the opener of

I used to love the opener of Walleye season back home in Vermont.

The town where I grew up had the first damn on the river coming up from Lake Champlain.  The Walleye would spawn in the falls their.

On opening day, at it's peak in the 8's, I swear you could walk across the water on top of the boats without touching water. lol

Great photo, and great fish!!!

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I'm not positive but I'm

I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure from reading all your posts lately that you like to fish for walleye a little bit.lol

One of these days I'll have to get back to Michigan and have my cousins take ma out and show me how it's done. I never got a chance for walleye when I was a kid as my dad was totally into the northern pike. A lot of the memories are a little vague as I was young but I remember going into Ontario a few times and remember names like Bay De Noc, Houten?, and places like that. The majority of my fishing took place on the Menominee river though and small bass ponds by myself.

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You all really know how to catch the fish ! Yes :yes: Congrats to your wife on a super fish ! :thumbsup1:  Keep the pics coming and to me you have to know just as much info to catch fish as you do to take game animals.

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