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Maximum distance for release

With the season nearing. I hear a lot of conversation on which rig is going to be used and how far the comfort range is.
This year is a traditional year for me. I'm planning on the takedown recurve for putting meat in the freezer. With 2117's and 125gr Magnus Stingers with bleeder. I'm very comfortable out to 30+- yds.
If for some reason I'm not getting the results. I'll be pulling out the Slayr with Beman Black Max's and the 100gr Nap Nitrous' or the Gold tips and 100gr Steel Force Venoms. This rig will extend my comfort range to 50+- yds.

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Maximum distance for release

i don't like taking a shot over 30 yards,though i am confident out to 50 yards,the reason i hunt with a bow is the challenge of gitting close to what i'm after Yes Yes Thumbs up

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Maximum distance for release

I try not to shoot past 30, but have made 35 and 40 yard kills... Never lost an animal past 30yards.. I tend to usually get the deer to within 20...Average shot at deer with a bow is under 15 yards...same with trophy bucks

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Maximum distance for release

I'm with psycho on this one. The closer the better. I'm very comfortable to target shoot to 55yd but thats just to make those 30 and under shots feel a little easier. No sense in educating a buck on a shot you don't feel 100 % sure about!

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Maximum distance for release

I agree with everyone, out to 30 is ideal, it's about getting close and the adrenaline rush you get when you do. Although I have taken a last day muley at 67 yds (one shot, ran 35 yards and died), I don't like to venture outside of 45-50...there a just too many variables at the longer distances, no matter how often you practice at those ranges.

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