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Maui Workshop for Conserving Native Animals and Plants

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Maui Workshop for Conserving Native Animals and Plants

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Maui Workshop for Conserving Native Animals and Plants

I find this sort of amusing. The concept makes a lot of sense, however, here on Maui there is sooooo much politics that it makes it difficult who to believe.

Recently we had a fire in the Kula Forest Reserve. It burned a very significant portion of the pine, redwood and eucalyptus forests. Note that none of the trees mentioned are native to Hawaii. One of our high schools made a class project of helping with the "reforestation". They planted more pine trees!

In the burn area, we have a lot of thistle and Himalayan blackberries growing. If I went through the area spraying a herbicide to control these non-natives, I would be fined.

I used to really support a group called the Maui Invasive Species Committee. I am one of those who wouldn't mind getting their hands dirty in the actual removal of invasive plants/animals. What I found was that Maui Invasive Committee just wants the public to write to their senators and representives to push for funding for the committee. In my opinion they are using "green" to create jobs for themselves.

At this point I am a little sour and skeptical.

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