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Mature Bucks in Oklahoma

I have been hunting actively since Oct. 1st and have seen only a few mature bucks in northeastern Oklahoma. This past weekend I finally witness a small part of the rut. Has anyone seen any mature buck rutting this year?

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Mature Bucks in Oklahoma

Welcome to tthe site phil!! Seen one bedded in a field with a doe couple weeks ago and saw a nice one chasing a doe this afternoon. That's it so far eye roll

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Mature Bucks in Oklahoma

[You bet they are strating to get silly and show themselves, open draws is where i have seen most of the big bucks.

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Mature Bucks in Oklahoma

Rifle season during the rut in Oklahoma will NEVER allow you guys to produce BIG bucks.........I was in South Eastern Kansas and drove down into Oklahoma a few times to ask some of the locals how their rifle rut hunt was doing and seen a lot of little bucks that they considered BIG bucks!

I think you guys need to put in a petition to have your rut season a BOW hunting season to allow some of those "big" bucks of yours to become BIG bucks next year! Then again, my hunting lease in Kansas will continue to have BIG bucks since they know they're better off acrossed the border and away from the rifle hunters!

The bucks were moving more right before dark last week then any other part of the day.....but as I left to drive back home this past Sunday I did pass 2 BIG bucks locked with does mid morning standing out in the open of a rancher's field!

Good luck......

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