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Massive 11 Foot, 1300lb Grizzly Killed. Fact or fiction?

I was recently forwarded an email about a huge 11 foot, 1300 lb Grizzly being killed. However, I am not sure how true this story actually is. Something about this seems fishy, but something about it wants me to believe it!

Read below:


Does anyone know more?


-Zach @ Montanahunting.org

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Still huge

even if fishy, it's a monster

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That is the first thing that

That is the first thing that I have heard about that one, if it is true ? that is one big bear,


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Good bear but neither 11 foot

Good bear but neither 11 foot nor 1300 pounds. 

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1300 lb Grizzly

I like all of these stories of 1300 lb grizzlies, 1000 lb elk, 400 lb deer, etc.

In almost 50 years of big game hunting, I've never carried a scale with me, nor have I ever seen any other hunter in the field with a scale. Just how heavy is a scale that could weigh a 1300 lb animal, and how would one or two guys in the field be able to lift a 1300 lb animal to weigh it?

The only animals that I've weighed or seen weighed were elk that were got out whole (minus the guts) and checked through a F&G check station that had a lift with a scale. I've seen some pretty large 6x6 bulls weighed, but I've never one that even came close to 1000 lbs.

In this story, two guys shot a bear, skin it in the field, bring the hide out and say it weighs 1300 lbs. I know biologists can estimate the weight of critters from length and girth measurements.

I have however hooked some 5 lb trout that got away. Yes

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kodiak bear dont often top

kodiak bear dont often top 1300, an inland grizz isnt likely going to see 1300 pounds outside of a zoo , I too have noticed all grizz are 1200 pounds, all elk are 1,000 all black bears are 'over' 400 and all deer hell and gone past 200, even their tracks usually weight this much. Oh, and dont forget that everyone is  8 miles back in on foot, 30 miles on horseback, and covered 4 miles today scouting on foot.


I must be the only one who rarely gets too far away to remote start my truck on my way back out from hunting.

I even remote started my truck once to spook a family of black bears away from my stand while deer hunting.

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