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Marshall tracking box

Marshall brand fieldmarshall tracking box for sale. Spring loaded quick release yagi with box and handle built as one. Quick to open and close. Right now it is set to track 219.005, 219.015, 219.025, 219.035, 219.045, 219.055, 219.065, 219.075, 219.085, 219.095. It can be set to handle up to 15 collars and can be set to any frequency for any collar. It does need to be sent in to do this but, they are real good at what they do. I have not seen a more accurate tracker. And it is easy to run. $550 I will pay shipping. Water ressistant and dependable. I have had real good luck with it. I have three Marshall tracking collars that could go with it. They are set at 219.045, 219.065, 219.075. All are in good shape and are also the best collars around. $140 each.

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