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Marmmot hunting in CO

Has anyone gotten out to shoot marmmots in Colorado? I wanted to give it a try this year but haven't been able to get a chance yet.

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On thing to remember is that

On thing to remember is that here in Colorado since a law was passed a few years ago you have to eat the marmmots that you shoot.  It is a wacky law but I think that the only animal that you are not required to salvage for the meat is a coyote. 

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I don't think I would like to

I don't think I would like to eat a marmot.

We did have a funny encounter with some while backpacking. My girlfriend was walking on the trail in front of me. Well, it was getting dark so the visibility was low. Anyway, I heard what sounded like a whistle. I looked around and didn't see anything. Instantly, my girlfriend said I didn't have to whistle to get her attention. I replied I didn't whistle. A few steps later, another whistle. She turns to ask me what I needed. I said nothing. She's getting annoyed at this point. But as she is turned looking at me, another whistle sounds off from the distance. I said, It wasn't me, now do you believe me? She started laughing and asked what it was. At this point, we couldn't see a 100 yds, so there was no way for me to explain the whistles. The next day we figured out where the sound was initiatiing. It was funny while it lasted.

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