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In the market for a new 45ACP. What to get?

Springfield XD's in 45 ACP have been available for 3 weeks now and is a good choice for consideration. So are Glocks, or the budget-minded Ruger KP345 with a very slim form-fitting grip.

The best performing 45 auto self defense round I'm aware of is Winchester Ranger T in 45 +P (RA45TP), with manageable recoil and outstanding expansion from sharp talon claws that expand to .95". Penetration averages 15.3".

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In the market for a new 45ACP. What to get?

I'll second that

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In the market for a new 45ACP. What to get?

If you can find a new Colt 1991A1 get it. The newer stuff from Colt is pretty limited on the commercial market, but the guns they've made in the last three years or a huge improvement over the stuff they produced in the 1980's and 1990's. These new M1991A1 guns are the 80 Series of M1911's with a firepin block. Accuaracy is outstanding. Fit and finish are impeccable. Every bit as good as the Kimbers and better than those South American made pistols from Springfield Armory lol Like I said the newer Colt's are not easy to always find in shops, but any dealer can order one for ya.

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In the market for a new 45ACP. What to get?

I have a tricked out Glock 21, that is by far my favorite defense gun, but I know you said that you don't care for the trigger. I have also shot that Ruger P90. It is a great shooting gun, but I would'nt want to carry one on duty. I also had a Para P14 (not a LDA), and it was a fine firearm. However I retired it for the Glock. Most of the guns I've seen mentioned are good guns so I would base the decision on budget, natural index, and if able shooting.

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