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Marco Polo argali?

Hello everybody

I'm new here so I might have missed lots of interesting discussions about Marco Polo argali hunting. However I got few questions for Marco Polo sheep hunters. 

1. What is your preferred place to hunt Marco Polo?

2. What regions, at your opinion, the biggest Marco Polo sheep inhabits.

3. Have you ever hunted Marco Polo abroad? 

4. If so, what country did you go to?

5. What price you’ve been charged for your International Marco Polo hunting tour? What did the price include (services, documentation, insurances, etc…)? 

6. Did you like the local Quality of Service of your hunting trip? Could you please state what points you liked, and which you did not?

7. What do you think of you hunting tour’s price? (okay or surcharged)

Thank you for participating in this offhand quiz. 

Please get me right – I am currently occupied in this field, so I’m trying to find out preferences of Marco Polo hunters with the goal to improve the quality of our services.

Recently we have reached agreement to resell services of State Department of Hunting and Hunting Resources Regulation of Kyrgyz Republic located in Central Asia. This structure has its own hunting areas, CITES licenses, staff and necessary equipment for organizing professional international hunting tours. 

Another thing that disoriented us in our work is that the price given by State Department is far different from the one we could find online. So we're trying to find out the reasons for this phenomenon. Is it because of some extra taxes and fees that American and European hunters have to pay in their countries, or is it simply because of agent middlemen that support these transactions? Because the difference in price for same hunting tours is about $12K/hunter. WTF?

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Welcome to the site. 

Welcome to the site.  However, I don't know if you will find anyone to comment on this.  Those are great animals, but I don't know the last time I saw anyone posting on them on here. 

I hope you get some responses.  At least you are beng straight forward as to why you are asking, and if you are sincere, it's a great idea to get hunters input, especially if that's your business.

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Thank you very much Sir for

Thank you very much Sir for your reply! Please be assured that my intentions are sincere and please let me explain why.

The thing is that Marco Polo argali is a Red Data Book specie, thus hunting of this gorgeous Ovis is worldwide limited to 2% of it's population. Among professional hunters Central Asian region is known as the place where World Record Marco Polo Argali is hunted.

The licenses are spread among regional branches of State Department of Hunting and local private hunting areas owners. Due to limited amount of CITES licenses, its procurement difficulty and the fact of Grand Slam Marco Polo sheep presence in our region there is some kind of monopoly in this field in our country. And as we all know “monopoly” is not a friend of “value for money”, neither of “quality of services”.

Thus, the price for a Marco Polo hunting tour is usually surcharged. Besides that, some of our local authorities and hunting area owners are so far away from basic human relations and business definitions, so that sometimes I am getting really shocked by their operational procedures. The only thing that matters for most of them is to get as much profit as they can right here and right now! As I have written above, once we have reached agreement with State Department, I started realizing all these underlying potential problems.

Every year in our country there are 60 CITES licenses available for International Marco Polo hunters. It cost us lots of efforts and time to get access to 15 out of 60 international CITES licenses. I personally tried to negotiate with several local entrepreneurs in order to reach certain arrangements, but all my efforts were in vain (also due to cultural particularity – in our country it’s really hard for a 28 year old guy to hold a business negotiation with senior entrepreneurs and authorities). No wonder many of those entrepreneurs get licenses left by the end of the season and do not have regular customers, although they’ve been working in this field for years!

I had a chance to be born in an educated family, my father used to represent our country in Europe as ambassador and my mom is a PhD in linguistics, thus I had a chance to travel a lot and to perceive other cultures and mindsets. That might explain why I’m being shocked by the attitude of certain local entrepreneurs occupied in Marco Polo hunting. Once they get their licenses some of them start feeling kinda almighty (due to the current foregoing monopoly situation around these licenses), thus they totally relax, but by the end of hunting season they wonder why do they have licenses left and got not enough funds to develop and the neighbor hunting camp hasn't got such problems?

And when you come to these people with an intention to improve the situation by offering them your services in finding foreign hunters interested in Marco Polo hunting the only thing you hear in return – “I want $25K per license” and the guy explains the price by his current difficult financial situation, global crisis, etc… You explain the guy that the same price might be found in the web, which means that a lot of people are being involved for the same price in this significant process of finding customers, but the guy remains inconvincible, regardless the fact that he only knows about existence of other countries and the Internet, not more than that. And the guy is not that visionless as he might seem to be. Somehow he feels potential in your suggestion, but once again the idea of easy cash blinds his mind to reasonable thinking disability. The only thing you may wish to a person with such attitude is good luck in future work.

By the way, the price for an international Marco Polo hunting tour that you may find online varies from $25’000 to $45’000 depending on operator company. The price for Marco Polo Argali hunting tour to our country at SCI (Safari Club International) is 14’000 USD per hunter + entry visa, gun import permits, CITES certificate, veterinarian certificate, hotels before and after the hunt (http://www.safariinternational.com/en/p_Argali-and-Ibex-in-Kyrgyzstan.htm).

Due to the high price of the CITES certificate the final price for the hunting tour at SCI exceeds 30’000 USD per hunter depending on chosen accommodation and service conditions. The minimal price you might find online should be at Russian websites suggesting about $25’000/hunter, since they too got connections in our State Department of Hunting.


Our company is offering same hunting tours with the best quality of services, personnel, equipment and accommodation at the price of $20'000/hunter. In case of purchasing more than 5 licenses - the price goes down to $18’000 due to lower fixed expenses.


You might take my message for an ad but in reality it’s the present posture of affairs. In case such messages are not allowed on this forum, please do not ban and just notify me so I could remove it in no time in order not to violate this forum’s rules.


Thank you very much for your attention and please pardon my sarcasm. It's being my personal painful problem. It's basically one of the main reasons I started working in this field.

Another reason for this is that I've been amateur fisher since I am 5 years old. It remains being my passion. I took to hunting not long ago, but since my first experience started with local Mid-Asian Ibex where I was also witness of this amazing advanture of Marco Polo stalk hunting, I got safly hooked from the very first time. For the past couple of years I've been working online, having own website production studio, aquiring different traffic, including active tourism traffic (mostly trekking and hiking), being engaged in web-soft development and keeping own online shop working on self-developed script. Having required experince, work tools and great will to develop local hunting in the web, as well as offline, I just couldn't stand off starting to work in this field. 


Hope my reply sounded sincere enough to prove my concern in current situation in Marco Polo hunting field


Welcome to answer the quiz in my first message and please feel free to contact me at argalihunting@gmail.com for any kind of questions.


With respect, Tim


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We have  found in our hunting ground in Naryn (Kyrgyzstan).

54 inch.!!!

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Marco polo sheep of Tajikistan. Pamir mountains

Hello Yes :yes: Yes :yes: Yes :yes: Thumbs up :thumbsup1: Hi My name is Daler I am  exchange student from Tajikistan. I know a lot about Marco polo sheep of Tajikistan becouse i live there. but  now I am in U.S.A 


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My preferred place to hunt

My preferred place to hunt Marco Polo all Pamir mountins in Tajikistan, Spassialy east part.Not i do not hunt abroad becouse i am hunting with my brother over there. i am pretty sure that Marco polo sheep of Tajikistan is cool becouse beautiful  and long horns.Horns can might be 60 inches. most hunters like to hyunt to Marco poloi Argali becouse it is fun and more Exaidding. A lot of hunters from other counties comes to hunt  in Tajikistan





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