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March & April 2011 Grand Slam Challenge Prizes!

We're excited to announce the March and April 2011 rounds of the Grand Slam Challenge! Our long time advertiser and supporter CAMERA LAND has collaborated with OLYMPUS to bring the BigGameHunt.net members a fantastic array of cameras and binoculars! Don't forget to let Doug at Camera Land know how much we all appreciate his contributions!

To participate in the contest you are automatically included by simply logging in and posting. For all you new folks, if you haven't signed up yet - now is the time! Lots of great prizes for simply contributing to BGH.

Scoring has not changed for the March and April rounds. Note however, that you can only win a prize in one of the two months. If you should win in March, you can still remain active in April, however you will not collect points.

NOTE: Remember that all submitted stories and tips must be your own, written by you. If submitted stories or tips are found to be copied in whole or part, you will lose all your points and the right to compete for prizes on BGH.

For complete rules visit the Official Contest Rules page at http://www.biggamehunt.net/grand_slam_rules_2011.html for detailed information.

March 2011 prizes:

- 1st-3rd Place : Olympus Stylus 5010 Camera - $249.99/each

- 4th Place : Olympus Magellan 8x25 Binoculars - $169

- 5th Place : Olympus 7-15x35 Porro Prism Zoom Binoculars - $145

- 6th Place : SureFire G3 LED Flashlight - $92

- 7th Place : SureFire G3 Nitrolon Flashlight - $62

April 2011 prizes:

- 1st Place : Olympus Stylus 850 SW Camera - $299.99

- 2nd-4th Place : Olympus Stylus 5010 Camera - $249.99/each

- 5th Place : Olympus 7-15x35 Porro Prism Zoom Binoculars - $145

- 6th Place : SureFire G3 LED Flashlight - $92

- 7th Place : SureFire G3 Nitrolon Flashlight - $62

For all the details and photos of the prizes, visit this page:


Official Contest Rules:


Information to help get started with contributing your photos and stories to BGH!


Tips and Story submission guidelines:


GOOD LUCK to Everyone!

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BGH.... The gift that keeps

BGH.... The gift that keeps on giving and giving..... Wink

Thanks again for making all that the owners/moderators are doing to make this one of the most go-to hunting sites on the web today!!!

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Thanks for the best hunting

Thanks for the best hunting site on the web, hopefully we can get some of these people to stick around.  Let the games begin(again).lol.

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Definitely a fun sight.

Doing Auction Searches on SCI, Dallas Safari Club, Mule Deer Federation and Wild Sheep Foundation was the extent of my finding hunting content other than youtube.  This has been very resourceful and a fun way to kill time somewhat constructively.

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There are a lot of great

There are a lot of great prizes being put up for March and April just like there was for February. I am thankful to BGH for making this a fun and rewarding forum. It amuses me to see the little bit of bickering going on over this. Yes there are some post that don't mean much but on the other hand if the site was super slow not as many people would come around. I find it interesting to see the new posts everyday to see what other people are interested in. Sometimes we are able to share our own information and sometimes we can learn about new things we may not even have known about.

For me the extra activity makes it more interesting.  I'm having a great time and have learned a lot of valuable information over the last couple of months. And Btw I do work more than full time but still manage to spend an hour or two a day checking things out off and on.

Thank you again to a great forum.

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Let's stay on topic

Ok guys, we've deleted quite a few posts that have been off topic. This thread is about the current contest. If you wish to discuss other topics, please start new threads or discuss via PM.

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The Current Contest

Oh yeah - thanks for the reminder; it's really easy to get off topic.

I think the current contest has some great prizes.

Thanks to Cameraland and BGH for this opportunity to not only share and learn a lot about hunting, but also for the opportunity to win a great prize at the same time.

  I look forward to reading everything that's contributed during these two months. Thumbs up

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Thank you for not only this contest and the opportunity to participate to participate for the great prizes but also for keeping this site rolling along so that we can share information and hear from each other. 

I know that I have learned things by reading on this website and I hope that I can share some information or spark an idea that is useful to others in return.

 I don't think there is anything that I can do to pay back Camera Land and Olympus beyond saying that I appreciate the fine products and prompt responses that I have received from them in the past.  I would not hesitate to do business with Camera Land in the future.  They answered my questions and delivered what they promised - just like the folks here running BigGameHunt.Net! Thumbs up

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