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I was just wondering where is the best place to get maps for GMU's (7/8, 11/211, 23/24) I saw a very nice map in a gas station in maybell, CO it was water proof folded and very detailed with SWA's (which ones were open and which wernt), Private, BLM, and all roads. Not sure who made it tho????

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I have never found one map that covered everything, But if i had to just pick one map, it would be the National Forest maps. i think the only thing it wont show is the unit bounderies.

if there is something better ?, i want to know too.


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For printed maps, BLM and

For printed maps, BLM and Forest Service seem to be the best.  However, if you want to use a good online mapping tool check out the Colorado Hunting Atlas.


This online tool will put unit boundaries, land owndership, traditional summer and winter ranges of deer, elk, and antelope, topo and aerial views, campgrounds, etc., as selectable overlays on your map.  They aren't as convenient as the larger printed maps, but if you know the areas you're most interested in they can be really fantastic.  The printed output automatically goes to a .pdf file that you can easily print at home too.  I usually zoom in to the areas I hunt and make a few different overlays printing each separately.  This allows me to look and the topo and determine landownership, road access, and even potential camping sites.  I use it a lot.

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I have seen some maps made

I have seen some maps made that are specific for a unit but was not real impressed with the detail. I agree with MeatHunter that the NF and BLM maps being the best and of the two the BLM map is better IMO. Also the DOW hunting atlas is a very good map with good detail and unit boundaries.

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I tape together overlapping

I tape together overlapping maps I print from the DOW atlas, then fold them up.  Works pretty well.  Another advantage of atlas is you can switch from the topo map to the arial view to determine the type of vegetation in the area.  It helps in "computer scouting" an area. 

Another online source is wilderness.net, it is not restricted to wilderness areas.  It has a terrian feature in addition to topo and ariel.  It gives me a better mental image of the steepness of drainages, hills etc. compared to topo maps.  It will also allow you more detailed topo maps than atlas, although I could not imagine anyone needing that small an area.  Unfortuately it does not have GMUs.


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