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Manitoba Whitetail Special

Fall 2009 Canadian Whitetail Hunt – Recession Special

These hunts are conducted on mixed farmland in Manitoba’s Parkland adjacent to a national park. The outfitter was born and raised in the area and has exclusive hunting rights on thousands of acres of private land. This is beautiful rolling country with mixed poplar forests and cultivated fields, dotted with thousands of ponds.

The whitetail deer are big in the North Country and trophy bucks can exceed 300 pounds. B&C deer have been taken in the area, with average mature bucks scoring 130-150 with lots of mass. This is free range, fair chase hunting – no high fences.

You stay at a beautiful log lodge on a small lake, which offers walleye fishing… permitting. You can expect great food and an experienced guide and all transportation during the hunt is included. Your deer will be dressed, caped and skinned by your guide for your trip home and there is no extra charge for these services.

If you would prefer, your trophy can be delivered to a local taxidermist to be mounted and shipped home at a later date and if desired your deer can be taken to a local butcher to be cut, wrapped and frozen. Fees for these services can be supplied on request.

This outfitter is normally booked a year in advance, but with the recession he has openings to fill and consequently he is offering the following special. These hunts are 5 ½ days and run Monday through Saturday morning. Sundays are change over days.

The Rifle or Muzzleloader hunts are usually $3000 but for fall 2009 he is offering these hunts for $2200 US per person, including the federal and provincial taxes, the deer license is extra. You can also take a coyote while on this hunt and the northern coyotes have very nice hides during the muzzleloader and rifle seasons. Fishing is available prior to ice up and boats are available at the lodge. In the later part of the rifle season if the fall is a cold one, ice fishing may be available. Angling licenses are extra.

Available dates:

Muzzleloader Season: October 19-24, October 26-31 or November 2-7

Rifle Season: November 16-21 or 23-28

Archery hunts are also available in September and early October at a reduced rate. If interested contact me for further details.

Please note……………this is free range Canadian whitetail hunting. Deer densities in the great white north are nothing like many of you are use to in the southern states, so do not expect to see dozens of deer every day. There will be honest to goodness ‘deerless’ days and the weather can be down right nasty on the later hunts. Cold and snow…….but if you want a crack at a huge buck this is a good hunt in good country.

The outfitter is a very nice guy, too nice for his own good most of the time. If you tagged out early and the birds are still around, you can probably talk him into running you out to a field or two for a bit of goose shooting or some ponds for mallards as long as you buy the licenses. The area offers world class waterfowl shooting.

There are some big deer here, I live in the area and there is a reason why. Last fall I saw a buck during the muzzleloader season that I believe would have scored around 240 B&C. The big mature bucks in this area are incredibly massive and when you see one they make the does look like midgets.

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