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Manitoba - Saskatchewan Guided Black Bear

Hey folks!!! Just wondering if you could offer up some help. I am looking for an outfitter for a 2011 bear hunt for me and a few buddies. Just want to start my research early, so we can decide and pay our deposits as early as possible next year. Absolutely have to have fishing included, so if you know any good guides, could you turn me on to some? No one that I am hunting with cares if we break any records, just want to have some fun and get opportuities for bear. Thanks for your help!!!!!!!

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Manitoba - Saskatchewan Guided Black Bear

I guide for black bear in Manitoba and have in Saskatchewan, Alberta, BC, the Yukon and the NWT. I currently live in Manitoba and work with two good outfitters in Manitoba and one in the NWT. Drop me a PM or better yet e-mail me at skylinehnc@hotmail.com or through my website at http://www.skylineadventures.ca and we can talk bears.


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Manitoba - Saskatchewan Guided Black Bear

Slim's Cabins, Sandy Bay, SK. LOTS of bear in the area and I know the walleye and pike fishing is top notch.

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