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Manitoba Moose

I'm looking for a partner to hunt moose in Manitoba, Canada.  I've been hunting moose for 10 years and have been successful 9 out of those years.  I am willing to go on a fly in(done that many times so I have some experience with it)  or drive up north.   If you need a partner or another member for your hunting party, message me back.   

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They have some bring critters

They have some bring critters up that way.  I would definately be looking for help with one also.... lol

Welcome tot he site!  Hope you find someone, then I hope to see some great photos of your hunt, and even better if some of the photos contain a dead moose. Wink

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moose hunt



I'm very interested in doing a Canada moose hunt.  I've looked into doing it in Alaska and it just seems a little expensive for a trophy hunt.  I'm living in Colorado right now, but I grew up hunting in Wyoming.  Let me know if you would be interested in hunting together, I would be willing to fly up and hunt...do you rifle or archery as well?  I would really enjoy an archery hunt, but I'm open to both.  Might be too late for this year but I would be interested in planning for the future.



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Hey Ryan, I think, as a US

Hey Ryan,

I think, as a US resident, you might have to purchase a tag through an outfitter here in Manitoba.  I have my guide license, so that wouldn't be a problem, if you can get a license.  I go rifle and black powder for deer, only rifle for moose.  I'd be interested in planning something for next year also.  We can trade email addresses, or phone numbers, whatever you prefer.

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Most provinces require non-residents to use an outfitter. The only possible exception might be Quebec

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I think Quebec requires it too

As I understand it - I think Quebec gives the non-resident tags to outfitters to parcel out too.  Some require a guide feee and some don't but they are allotted by land and the land areas allotted to outfitters.  I have begun reading up on moose hunts in Quebec....maybe I'll get there in a year or two...God willing!

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