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Manastash B cow tag help

Hope you feel better and all is good with you. Give me an update on what you see. Also let me know if you see any bear activity, looking to fill a tag. Did not see much bear activity in 340. Just might not be looking in the right area.

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Manastash B cow tag help

Yup I'm feeling great healed up and ready to go.
You will not find very many Bear in 340 or 342 . Had a Bear steal and Elk one time in 346 up Crow Creeck . Had it hung up high in a tree and he got it down some how , drug it off and buried it with leaves and stuff . Got what was left of the Elk and the Bear . Thumbs up
Years ago I had a pack of hounds and we always had better luck in the areas off of hiway 12 or 410 . 340 and 342 were good Bobcat and Cougar areas.
Been pretty dry on this side of the hump this year so we'le have to work harder this fall I think to fill the tags unless we get rain or early snow up high .
Always a few locals at the lower areas but most are up high in this hot weather we have had .
Good luck
and we'll keep in touch

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