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Male or Female Bear?

Hope its ok to ask this here....I seem to have a resident black bear and would like someone to tell me the approx weight and gender.....I have a pretty good picture of it-hope I attached it properly....it was about 75 feet out my window....I have only seen one bear before so I really have nothing to compare it to, other than what I've read about ear size, etc....thanx

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As far as male or female all

As far as male or female all I have to say is do you have a quarter to toss?  As far as size the angle that the picture is taken on makes the bear look larger in the rear so as far as weight I would guess around 250 lbs. 

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It is a young bear, look at the long nose and big ears.  Not very big, dressed i would say 100 to 125 lbs.

Sex? (the proverbial answer on a forum like this is "Yes")  Tough to sex a bear they get all pissy when you strap on the rubber gloves and say "bend over"!  I did once hunt with a guy up in Canada that said with a good pair of binocks he could see a small "pig tail" of hair hanging down between the hind leggs of a sow when she was walking away.  Have never put this theory to the test but he claimed it worked.  He was a solid guy and a good hunter I have no reason to doubt him.

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Looks pretty small probably

Looks pretty small probably under 150lbs. Judging by the skull I would say it is a sow but hard to tell from the shot.

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No clue on age, but cool

No clue on age, but cool photo of a nice bear.  Welcome to the site!

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Hi, my guess would be about

Hi, my guess would be about 150lbs. It is tough to judge gender with one this size. When they  get up in size , over 250lbs , my guess it would be a male. As a rule  females that have cubs just do not get large like the big males do.  

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As far as sex goes... good

As far as sex goes... good luck telling from just this picture.

Weight... maybe 125-175 lbs

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If i had to guess that would

If i had to guess that would be a female. Couple of reasons that would make me guess that: The bears rear end looks larger than the front end. Boars are usually more proportioned through the whole body. Another thing is to look at the face and ears. The face is very slender and the ears look big on the head. As far as the weight goes that bear is a 115 to 125 lb bear. But again this is just an educated guess. Bears are very hard to judge. Even after hunting/judging bears for 15 yrs i still find some that i am off on the weight. Pretty cool that they come right in your yard. Just hope that a sow and cubs don't come too close. Nice pic.

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