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Make a Ghillie Suit: Hiding in Plain Sight

April 2008 Feature Article:

Make a Ghillie Suit: Hiding in Plain Sight

As I scanned the vast field of prairie grass, I could almost feel his presence before I saw him. I knew the coyote was making his way toward my vocal rendition of a dying rabbit, but I didn't know where he was. I lay motionless on the small hill that I chose for my elevated view and waited for the coyote to give away his position. I could feel him coming closer and closer but the frost covered field remained still. His presence became audible as the sound of his trotting footsteps increased in volume. Then I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He had approached from behind and was standing 30 yards to my right and glared in my direction. His eyes seemed to search through every inch of the grass that I lay in, trying to locate the rabbit that lured him in. As he stood upwind of me, the gentle breeze lifted the thick fur on his back. I was close enough to see every movement of his eyes, every flaring of his nostrils and almost decipher every thought going through his canine logic, but he was completely unaware of my existence. With his fixed gaze, turning to shoot was not an option. When he had convinced himself that the previous sound of a dinner bell must have been a result of his imagination, he began to continue on his path. I remained still, waited for his shoulder to appear in my scope and squeezed the trigger. As I made my way to the coyote, I couldn't help but to admire the ghillie suit that had kept me hidden so well among the grass and wonder why I hadn't tried this before. Read more...

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