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Awsome bulls!!!

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Maine Moose Lotery?

Yes'em by jesus!!! Wicked awsome!!! Thumbs up

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Maine Moose Lotery?

Holly Sheep S***
That is awsome.
I love being able to come here and see this stuff
Thumbs up

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Maine Moose Lotery?

WOW, Those are some nice bulls, I bet they are just as tasty as they are pretty

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Maine Moose Lotery?

this is way off the subjuct but does anybody know if you can get a moose tag for new york? i live right on the edge of the Adirondacks, i dont how good the populatin is but i know we have moose .there seen all the time, last year one walked right on to a golf corse in the the middle of watertown they had to trangalise, it but after it didnt go down they coverd the thing with tranalisers and ended up killing it,