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Maine cancellation bear hunt

We have two cancellation slots open for September 3-10, 2006 these are
avialable for $1000 (%33 off). Fully guided package. One slot left for main
lodge. If two guys want to come together they will need private cabin. I will
discount this as well to $300 for the week.

Arrival Date: Sunday Sept 3. after 11am. We do not start providing meals
until the seafood feast Sunday night.
Hunting: Monday through Saturday, six days. NO hunting in Maine on Sundays.

What to bring: I will send them a list of items to bring and all the releases
and paperwork upon receival of their $400 deposit. Their packets will be sent
out the same day deposits are received. It will also include gun
recommendations and bear anotomy information for shot placement.

Big game hunting license and Bear Permit Required: These can be puchased
online or at an authorized agent in Maine. The esyest thing to do is buy them
online and print the license right off your home coumputer.

Boats and ATV's: Clients are welcome to bring their motor boats and ATV's.
Check with me regarding registration costs and requirements in the State of
Maine. Our insurance policy does not allow us to provide motorized
watercraft, but we can arrange a rental for you locally. We will have canoes

Driving: Client can drive to our camps.

Shuttle services: We also arrange shuttle services from the Bangor
International Airport and the Bangor Gray Hound Bus Station, both are 90
minutes from camp. These services are $75 each way and can be split by
multiple clients. This just covers gas and hiring someone to drive.

Departure: Sunday, September 4 by 10:00 am.

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