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Maine Black Bear Baiting & Hunting help? (first year)

This is my first year hunting and baiting black bear. Ive hunted deer so its not totally new to me. My girlfriends dad , Jim, is a maine guide who is setting me up with bait and 50 gallon drums. He heard word and people complaining of a nuisance bear 300+ pounds in an area he wanted to get in the area but couldn't get to anyone to open up their land to him. I happen to mow a lawn for a lady on the opposite side of the main road that goes through there. So i got permission from the land owner and Jim helped me find an awesome site for my bait and stand..
Now my question is how to i get the bear to my bait, i know im the only one in a 15 mile radius baiting. I'm also near a peninsula. For bait i have donuts, nugget, and fluff. I also have french fries and hash browns from a factory up north, Jim is trying this out to see how it works (lots of grease). Word says the bear is about a mile maybe a tad more across the main road and lives in the woods. How to i get him across the road and towards my bait?? The area is covered in different types of berries everywhere. I spray a mixture of Anise and Vanilla to cover my tracks and round the area, gives off a very strong liquorish scent.There aren't many signs of bear at all but this land is the only place i can get my bait.. Deer cover this area i spook 3-4 every time i go check my bait, saw a 6 pointer a couple days ago also. If anyone can give me a few tips that'd be awesome.

Thank you!

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As you are the only one in a large area baiting, I think your chances of luring in a bear in to your site will be pretty good. Whether it turns out to be a buster, who knows. It sounds like you have gotten a good start and excellent (obviously!) advice from someone who knows a lot. I'd say a trail cam might help, giving you an idea of when a bear found to be hitting your bait is coming in time-wise. Also, maybe a couple stand sites allowing you a choice when the wind is one way vs another. I know the season started a couple days ago, but if nothing is happening so far, don't get discouraged, it's a long season. 

I'd also say to hunt any significant change of weather, if at all possible. I believe your weather has been pretty warm, so look for a cool snap or just after a rain event to try and get some seat time. Seat time is what will get you a chance; that and good scent control. I wish you good luck!!

(what area of Maine?)

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Food scent is what will draw the bear in. If it were me, and it was legal in that area (not sure) I'd heat a small pan of grease....

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