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Maine Black Bear Bait & Hunting Help (first year)

This is my first year hunting and baiting black bear. Ive hunted deer so its not totally new to me. My girlfriends dad , Jim, is a maine guide who is setting me up with bait and 50 gallon drums. He heard word and people complaining of a nuisance bear 300+ pounds in an area he wanted to get in the area but couldn't get to anyone to open up their land to him. I happen to mow a lawn for a lady on the opposite side of the main road that goes through there. So i got permission from the land owner and Jim helped me find an awesome site for my bait and stand..
Now my question is how to i get the bear to my bait, i know im the only one in a 15 mile radius baiting. I'm also near a peninsula. For bait i have donuts, nugget, and fluff. I also have french fries and hash browns from a factory up north, Jim is trying this out to see how it works (lots of grease). Word says the bear is about a mile maybe a tad more across the main road and lives in the woods. How to i get him across the road and towards my bait?? The area is covered in different types of berries everywhere. I spray a mixture of Anise and Vanilla to cover my tracks and round the area, gives off a very strong liquorish scent.There aren't many signs of bear at all but this land is the only place i can get my bait.. Deer cover this area i spook 3-4 every time i go check my bait, saw a 6 pointer a couple days ago also. If anyone can give me a few tips that'd be awesome.

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Welcome and I hope I can help. I have heard you need to start your bait with something that emits alot of odor, such as a beaver carcass or fish. You can also try a "honey burn". That is basically a can with honey on top of a heat source, such as a sterno or campstove. This allows the honey to simmer and let off a very sweet smell. You can also try saving your bacon grease from home or a local diner and spread it around the bait site and on the trees as far up as you can reach. Try to stay away from rotten meat. Bears like fresh and edible food. Once the bear starts coming to the bait try to only visit and rebait every other day or so and during the midday as not to run into the bear. Also do not let the bait run out. This will be his new food supply and hopefully he won't stray too far. It would be good if there was water nearby also. Lastly Don't forget your game camera so you can pattern him. Bears like to chew on cameras sometimes so a security box wouldn't be a bad idea. Good luck and hope we see some pics of you with him next month. Kevin

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Hey thanks for the reply and

Hey thanks for the reply and tips! I do have my game camera out there now, so once he comes i should be able to get a pattern down. Im lucky there is a small brook (3-4 ft wide) about 100 ft away from my bait site, so i have that going for me. I will definitely try the honey burn and bacon grease, fish and beaver are alot harder to come by so those may be second option. My friend Jim is getting 1200-1500 photos a week at his sites getting 3-5 shootable bear at each site and some smaller ones, intimidating haha. Hopefully the honey and bacon grease will work and ill have a few pictures for you guys soon. Thank you!

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