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Mad muskox!!!!

I got mine in Feb 99 on Nunivak-- not real tough to hunt like say goats BUT just getting to them and getting tag is is big problem-- i waited 20 yrs to draw--used to work with folks in Unalakleet when there was a herd there for Quiviet--they are really alot smaller than they appear--Meat is quite good.

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Mad muskox!!!!

Nice! Thumbs up

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Mad muskox!!!!

I did a combination Caribou and Musk Ox hunt in September, 2004 with Bekere Lake outfitters, east of Inuvik, Nothwest territories. It was a spot and stalk hunt in beautiful fall weather. I used a Remington 700 in 7mm Rem Mag with 160 gr Accubond bullets. A great hunt.
Jonah and I with my Musk Ox.

This was such a unique and beautiful animal, so I a full mount done of him.

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Mad muskox!!!!

cool pics, I want on

ot two..lol


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Mad muskox!!!!

very nice, it would be fun to hunt those, maybe some day

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