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The Lyman Mustang rifle

Howdy all you smoke eaters....Anyone know anything about the Mustang rifle?

Thinking of getting me one of these new fangled smoke poles...Never shot me any inline afore..Is she worth the money or not..How does she shoot..Thanks pards. Mr. Cool!

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The Lyman Mustang rifle

They are a great looking gun. I started looking for one last fall. Gander said they couldnt even get them. Bass pro said they could get one every now and then but they sold instantly (guess they had a waiting list?)
I have always been a traditional guy with black powder, patched round balls and flint locks. Hunting in the rain with the flinter for the past two years has made me rethink the whole ML thing. Hope to have a mustang by next season. Cabels does sell them through their mag. I personaly would like to hold onto one before I buy it?