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well by now every one in all the states knows about the big OTC ELK TAGS IN AZ. When first finding out about it I was lie a kid in a candy store until i started doing a few day scouting in units4a and 4b all the time saying the only thing out there are cows and antilope ,come jan 1 08 there were also a lot of vehicals so that blew my thoughts of going to a certain spot i picked out for the first morning.so i decided to go were no one else was ,and that was walking,I figuered that every one was fair chassing in trucks atv and what ever, i would do it on foot ,after about 4 hours of fairly easy terrain low and behold (ELK) who would have ever thought they would be in a area were there are no people except myself and freind .so morel of story is 3 shots 2 elk 1bull 1 cow great place to hunt on foot neener!

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Now I dont know too much about AZ Elk or NM where alot of the land is open, but here in the NorthWest the best places are traveled by foot, especially for bulls

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You must be one of those guys that got one of the few elk. My friend that works for AZGF said they had sold over 2,400 tags and 4 elk had been killed as of last week. Seems the ranchers want to get rid of the critters but don't want to grant access. You are lucky to live so close and have a good idea where to look.

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